Why Turns
Recently XBox One users associated their game console kept turning by itself from time to time, in this for no reason, and scenarios. Be reassured, your console isn’t haunted. There are a few culprits that may cause this to happen. Here’s a synopsis of reasons and we’re going to find out how to fix it. Reason 1: Your XBox Is Dirty Clean It – The XBox One is designed in such a way that there is no physical On \/ Off button, but a very simple power toggle logo that signifies where you turn it from. This was made to avoid dirt to insert. 

The idea wasn’t bad in itself, but the matter is that now, with the slightest touch or discharge, the button is triggered with this energy toggle. A dirt may be the reason. This manner, saying anything such as XBox, any word or Hey Cortana related to your device turn on your XBox One and would activate the Kinect technologies. The matter is, the technology is occasionally very sensitive with phrases or words might cause it to turn. 

Now, so as to disable the Kinect tech on a XBox One, you need to: Visit the Settings page. Select Power and Startup. Then choose Select Power Mode & Start Up. Turn in the disable wake up box by saying Hey Cortana or Xbox in button. Youre all set! – Reason 3: You Use Just a Controller Remove The Batterie – In case you use a XBox One controller, it might be the origin of your problem. Just try to remove the batteries and see if the problem persists. Reason 4: You Utilize a Samsung Television Disable The High-Definition Multimedia Interface CEC option – Some TV brands, like Samsung, provide a High-Definition Multimedia Interface CEC option, which automatically turns a XBox One whenever you turn the Television on. 

In this instance, all you should do so is flip off this option in the Television settings. Reason 5: You Havent Installed All The Updates Install Them – Current hacks, new settings you haven’t installed all the latest updates, it’s normal that your device does not work at best. Connect your console to the web and it should download them automatically. For instance, if you’ve plugged it in on an energy extension, subsequently try to plug it in to the main socket and find out if the problem is solved. Lastly, try to reboot a XBox One by pressing the energy button on the frond for about 10 seconds, then disconnect from the power source for ten more seconds.