Silver Ring For Men
1.62 ct. Rubellite Tourmaline with – 12pt. Diamonds Yellow Gold – you are probably going to receive a clear response and Ask. Most us, women in addition to men, have a taste for one metal over the other. Our taste is not determined silverwe or by the gold’s value are attracted to these metals for their physical and metaphysical properties. Jewelry – I’ve been astrologer and a jeweler for over 3 years. Balance is an essential concept in astrology. So we must seek equilibrium among the forces in our character as the world is an ensemble of forces working in concert. 

Your research will uncover which of the bodies is important to you it could take some thought. Comprehending the traits may help you realize why you have a preference for one or another, so you can place your alloy that is preferred to work on your jewelry for you. So lets take a look in silver and gold. Astrology Charts & Gold or Silver – Our life journey starts from where we are right now and takes us where we need to go. Our multifaceted character tries to lead the way. With the aid of astrology we may deepen our understanding of the numerous different facets of our character, sometimes beset by conflict. 

We acknowledge our vices and weaknesses and become aware of our virtues. Are we ready to move into. Whether male or female, all of us have necessary male and feminine qualities that need into be brought into equilibrium so as into fulfill our potential and enjoy harmonious relationships with others. Since they represent male and female energies, gold and silver might help us accomplish this balance. A lot of jewellery is made of silver because it’s so much cheaper than gold. Many people also prefer the white colour of silver. Gold, from ancient times into modern, has always been That the most precious and valued alloy. 

Across the ages it’s been utilized by the rich and strong to display their status. One reason behind the high worth we place on gold could be that it’s the colour of the sun, the origin of all life on this planet. As I see it, life’s consciousness itself. So gold is beneficial whenever you feel you’ve lost your center or your identity, bring you align yourself with the sun and your authentic self. The moon envelops the feminine principles, including receptivity, nurturing, motherhood, giving life, giving and receiving, our unconscious mind, fantasy, creativity, safety, and feelings.